Since I was young I have been interested in art. 
I am tattooing professionally since late 2011. I enjoy traveling and doing tattoo conventions. I specialize in anything realistic color or black and grey, but i do not mind taking on a new task. My goal is not to be average but  be nothing less than great. I want to thank my past and future clients for letting me do what i do best on a daily basis.

In order to set up an appointment:
-You need to provide me a theme, concept or meaning for the tattoo. 
-Attach a picture of the area on your body you want the tattoo. 
-Specify whether black/grey or color.
-Reference pictures are always helpful. 

If you do not send me these specifics, you may not get a reply back. 
Please do not take it personally, I get a lot of requests and I will get back to the ones that fits my style the best and I am most interested in working on.

To set up an appointment, I take a non refundable $200 deposit. This deposit goes towards the price of the tattoo, remains for each additional appointment and comes off the last session.

The appointment starts at 12pm. There is an hour break for lunch or alternatively as many breaks as you need during the session. Stenciling, re-sketching if needed and all other parts of the process are included.

Full day session cost $1000. (Minimum $800)
Half day session cost $500. (minimum $300)

Preferable payment method is cash (ATM available) but we accept credit cards as well.

If you are interested in my work, e-mail me at: 
Instagram/ @jrdiaz16
Facebook/ jrdiaz6




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