Eris Qesari ( TATTOO ARTIST )

Art has been part of my life as long as I can remember.
I am self-taught artist and I have been tattooing professionally since March 2011.
My style is black and grey realism.
It is very important to me to have enough freedom during creation so that I can offer my clients the best tattoo possible.

In order to set up an appointment:
-You need to provide me a theme, concept or meaning for the tattoo.
-Attach a picture of the area on your body you want the tattoo.
-Reference pictures are always helpful. 

If you do not send me these specifics, you may not get a reply back.
Please do not take it personally, I get a lot of requests and I will get back to the ones that fits my style the best and I am most interested in working on.
I do my best to answer emails as fast as possible, please be patient.
My books open periodically and will be advertised on social media (@erisqesari).
I am usually booked out 1-3 months.

I usually prepare the tattoo design between a week and the day before the appointment. I do not send any designs by email prior to the appointment, we will see everything in person the day of.
I do not work on cover ups, reworks, tribals or small tattoos.

To set up an appointment, I take a non refundable $200-$1000 deposit. The deposit goes towards the price of the tattoo, remains for each additional appointment and comes off the last session.


If you are interested in my work, e-mail me at:
Instagram/ @erisqesari

Thank you for looking!
Enjoy my tattoos!!

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