-Client is required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit when scheduling a tattoo appointment.

A minimum of $200-$1000 is required to hold the date and time. The deposit will be honored towards

the agreed price of the tattoo desired.

-Any changes to the tattoo may change the pricing of agreed price.

-The artist has the right to reschedule the appointment at any time for any reason.

-Client is allowed to reschedule a total of one time within 6 months of the original appointment date.

-The deposit cannot be transferred to be used by another person.

-A federal photo ID is required in order to get a tattoo, without proper identification, the deposit will be void.

-A non show to the scheduled appointment, the deposit will be void.

-Client needs to provide a 48-hour notice to reschedule prior to the appointment.

If not, the deposit will be void.