If we suspect you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, we have the right to decline to tattoo you.

If you are pregnant, we will not tattoo you. This may lead to complications with your pregnancy.  

Please tell your artist if you feel "funny" or light-headed. Do not try and tough it out. Your artist is prepared for these situations and knows how to handle  them.

Please ask any questions you might have about a tattoo. Do not ask your friends unless they are professionals. We are here to help you with any possible concern you may have.
Please also let your artist know of any medical issues you may have, so that we may be prepared accordingly.
Do not bring in a crowd of people with you. It makes it hard for the artist to concentrate. You will be allowed to bring one other person with you. 

PLEASE TIP YOUR ARTIST! Its a service and they depend on those tips to make a living. If you cannot afford to tip your artist at the moment, let them know that you did appreciate their work. The kind words go along way.