Before cleaning the tattoo, wash you hands thoroughly with warm water for 20 seconds. 

DO NOT TOUCH the tattoo unless you are cleaning it.

REMOVE any bandages no more than 2-3 hours after getting the tattoo. Wash the tattoo gently with anti-microbial soap (Provin) or non-scented anti-bacterial soap (Dial) and then pat it to dry with a disposable paper towel. DO NOT use bar soaps. Wash the tattoo 3 times daily.

AFTER washing the tattoo, it is RECOMMENDED you use a non-petroleum based product such as Ohana Organics Tattoo Butter or Aquaphor to further the healing process.  Use a small amount of product on the tattoo. It should be a thin layerto where the tattoo is slightly shiny.


In about a week, you may notice the tattoo start to peel. This is part of the healing process. During this process, continue to use your ointment on the tattoo. Continue to wash the tattoo until FULLY healed (2-4 weeks depending on the area and size of the tattoo.) If you experience scabbing with the tattoo, DO NOT to pick at it. The scabs will fall off naturally. 

If the tattoo get stuck at your clothes for any reason, soak the piece of clothing until unstuck and wash the tattoo properly after. If this occurs, make sure NOT to rip off the clothing. 

DO NOT submerge your tattoo in water (i.e. bathtubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools, lakes or oceans) until fully healed. This WILL AFFECT healing times and the ink in the tattoo. Taking a shower is recommended.

AVOID the sun while the tattoo is healing. Wait at least 15 days, until you may apply Sunscreen (30 or 50 SPF is recommended) to the tattoo and to be able to go into water. 

Be patient with the healing process. REMEMBER this is permanently on your body, so take the correct measures to care of it properly. Make sure even after healing to take care of your tattoo.

If the tattoo looks or feels infected, contact your artist or your physician immediately.


Most important thing to remember during the healing process is to AVOID touching your new piercing. Rotating and touching will lead to irritation of the piercing.

We recommend using a pressurized can of STERILE SALINE WOUND WASH to irrigate and rinse away around debris that could bo on your jewelry and around the fistula during the healing process. You can olso take Luke warm showers and let the water run down your piercing. You can pat your piercing dry with a piece of gauze/paper towel. DO NOT USE COTTON SWABS (q tips).

Avoid the use of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin, any type of ear care solution and harsh soaps. This will lead to prolong healing times as well as irritation during the healing process.

AVOID SLEEPING on your fresh piercing. This could lead to angle changes and complications during the healing process. Also, make sure your sheets and pillow cases are always clean and avoid letting any pets sleep in your bed.
DO NOT SOAK YOUR PIERCING! We do not recommend taking baths, going swimming (pool or lakes). and hot tubs.


During the healing process, you should expect some swelling, bleeding, redness. As well as white yellowish secretion and crust. DO NOT PICK OFF ANY CRUST. Think about it as a scab and it is preventing bacteria from entering the open wound. All of this is completely normal. If something is giving you a cause for concern, please stop into the studio so we can take a look and assess what the next course of action is.

If your piercing looks or feels infected, DO NOT REMOVE the jewelry. This could cause the skin to close and trap the infection. If the jewelry is still in place, it gives it a canal for the infection to leak out.
HEALING TIMES: majority of piercings take anywhere from 3-6 months and (even longer in some cases) to heal depending on the area, the health of client, as well as many other factors. We always recommend seeing your reputable piercer to see if your piercing is healed or if you can now switch the jewelry.

We also always recommend using Implant grade materials from trusted brands even after a piercing is well healed to avoid complications. Allergic reactions and irritation can happened well after piercing is healed due to using poor quality jewelry.


BEFORE cleaning the piercing, wash you hands thoroughly with warm water for 20 seconds. 

DO NOT TOUCH the piercing unless you are cleaning it. DO NOT PLAY with the piercing.

The best way to promote healing for an ORAL Piercing is to RINSE your mouth with ALCOHOL-FREE antiseptic mouthwash (Biotene Mouthwash) for 30 seconds, 4-5 times a day and AFTER meals and before bedtime until it is FULLY healed. AVOID SMOKING and DRINKING HARD LIQUOR until the piercing is fully healed.

EXTERIOR CLEANING FOR LIPS, LABRETS, CHEEKS, ETC: The best way to promote healing for a piercing is to clean it with a NON-IODIZED sea salt mixture (Morton All-Purpose Natural Sea Salt).  Dissolve ¼ tsp. of non-iodized seat salt mixture into 1 cup of warm DISTILLED OR BOTTLED WATER and soak the piercing for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day with gauze or a Q-tip. Mix this solution every time you clean the piercing. 

DO NOT USE Betadine®, Hibiciens®, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Dial® or other harsh soaps, as these can damage cells. Also avoid ointments as they prevent necessary air circulation.

Make sure you use caution while eating while the piercing is healing. AVOID foods that may irritate it.

The piercing may swell, have light bleeding, bruising and/or tenderness for the first few days. There may be swelling but also a secretion of whitish-yellow fluid (NOT PUS) that will form crust around the jewelry after the first few days. This is part of the healing process and IS NORMAL.  DO NOT pick at the piercing, this will help prevent infection.  

To help REDUCE swelling, allow a small piece of ice DISSOLVE (DO NOT CHEW) on your tongue.  To ease pain and swelling, you may take an over the counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen or naproxen sodium) according to the dosage instructions.

MAINTAIN good oral hygiene. Use a soft bristled toothbrush; this will help the healing process. After each time you brush your teeth or after every meal, RINSE your mouth with ALCOHOL-FREE antiseptic mouthwash.

DO NOT have contact with foreign body fluids until the piercing is fully healed. 

If the piercing looks or feels infected, DO NOT remove the jewelry.  Removing the jewelry may trap the infection and may cause greater harm. Please contact the piercer and they will give you further instruction.

DO NOT submerge your piercing in water (i.e. bathtubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools, lakes or oceans) until fully healed. This WILL AFFECT healing times.  It is NOT recommended, but if for some reason a job requires you to do so, place a waterproof bandage on the piercing and wash it thoroughly with a NON-IODIZED seat salt soak after.

It is RECOMMENDED that you replace the original jewelry to a shorter post once the swelling has subsided to avoid intra-oral damage. Please contact the piercer for more information on how to do so.